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A conspicuous contingency to broach my unfeigned thankfulness to the people of the Barangay who depicted and protected their unity as well as cooperation to up-grade Barangay Villa Concepcion, into a one step development. The economic attribute they brought forward in the Barangay is another step of fulfilment of goals with aspirations and another product of well activated resources. To the cause of services with generous warmth to improve the life and criterion of the community itself with constant caring hand and hand that could reach out the service of the Barangay.

 I severally recognized the untiring efforts, services and support of everyone especially in discharging their duties and trustworthiness and in promulgation of the Development schemes and programs of the Barangay government towards the future generations.

Above all, I humbly and no malice express my wholehearted thanks to the ‘Almighty Father in Heaven’ for giving us full guidance, wisdom, knowledge, time and effort through using our talent, skills and abilities as an instrument in undertaking as well government and helping us to fulfil the dreams of community through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit and the heavenly love bounded between him, the community, and we,, His people Biblical speaking’… for without him we can do nothing but, if we abide in him and his well abide in us, He promise to provide everything that we ask with’.

Lastly, I earnestly encourage everyone to join me, help me attain the barangay Vision, Mission and Goal. Let us join our hands rendering services to our constituent, Let us walk together towards development.


Barangay officials shall promote peace and order to ensure safety measure of the whole community. the strong binds, unity of the leaders are the foot soldier to fight against adversity, poverty & etc.

A community with a unique mission of improving the quality of life and knowledge to all people all over the locality.

We are here to offer hope.


Barangay Villa Concepcion is one of the progressive and peaceful barangay in the near future.

A safety, orderly and competitive community in the year to come.


According to our ancestor, Villa Concepcion was a virgin forest otherwise known as the “KABAKIRAN” the word Concepcion was taken from the spouse name of an EX-PC Officer Moises Y. Layno, being the Kapitan Del Barrio, to show openly his strong bond of love for her wife, he named his Barangay……. Villa Concepcion that was the origin.

Villa Concepcion, was approximately more or less 27 kilometers away from Poblacion, situated at the Eastern part of Forest region area bounded at the Southern part of Barangay De Vera and Barangay Rogus, down to North by Barangay Maligaya, East part by Barngay Sta. Maria and West bounded by Barangay Calaocan, Angadanan, Isabela. Presently having a total population of 4, 288, Family Heads of 1, 153 and 924 Households, with a total Land area of 9, 974.05 hectares, with Registered Voters 1, 608 last 2013 Election 2013. Ilocano is the language commonly used by the inhabitants. Farming is the major occupation of the residents, from rolling area of this place , banana, rice, and corn are the major crops, some family planted gabi, camote, cassava and other fruits due to blooming fertility soil, the Kaingeros from the different places migrated to this are like Tagalog, Pangasinan, Ibanag, Igorot and Gaddangs but more of them are Ilocanos. After a year, Kaingeros succeded to their new beginning in life.

YEAR 1961, the place was more popular to adjacent barangay, interested couple migrated in this place named SIMEON T. DELA CRUZ with her wife DOMINGO D. DELA CRUZ, through the strong determination of this man and he became the new leader of Villa Concepcion. He was elected as Barangay Chairman, during his term he founded the Elementary School, as the year passes he found out the importance of education and again he founded the Villa Concepcion High School.

YEAR 1971, with the benevolence support of the Late Governor Faustino N. Dy. Sr. due to the ability, strong and braveness of this Barangay Captain, this time known as “TABAKO” he was appointed as OIC of the City Mayor of Municipality of Cauayan, Isabela. In addition to his title, he was the President of Barangay Captain Association. During that time he never fully abandoned the Barangay with his supervision, he appointed VICTORIANO ESTRADA to handle the responsibility for a couple of months, Year 1989 newly elected Barangay Captain Antonio Fang rendered his service for three consecutive years and followed by LAURIANO MARTIN as the Barangay Captain in the Year 1995, that’s the time when our Barangay Hall was constructed, During the Year SIMEON T. DELA CRUZ was appointed as Deputy of the Provincial Governor.

Year 1996, SIMEON T DELA CRUZ, returned to his original home and continued his services to the people as barangay Captain. This time he endorsed resolution with the urgent desire to search assistance to the DY BROTHERS to complete all his projects. In fact his entire request granted, for the record of his accomplishment, the Hospital, the FND Community Center, Multi-Purpose Pavement, partly concreted road, Elementary and High School Building (GMA) type which are now manifested.

With all his desires to improve the Barangay although of his oldness, still his main concern is the convenience of his constituents, the so called “TABAKO” suffered an illness, he was not saved with this danger situation and he died last September 1. 2002.

His remembrance would not be erased due to the abdicate he left behind which lead for our concern for the success of the Barangay in the near future.

August 15, 2002, newly elected Barangay Captain, HOMER L. DELA CRUZ, The youngest child of the late SIMEON T. DELA CRUZ, as all observed “LIKE FATHER LIKE SON” due to the similar ability that they have possessed.



Barangay Villa Concepcion basketball team being the champion on the first youth task force forest region inter barangay basketball tournament last october 2017. through their hardship and unity, they win the championship game versus barangay casalatan.


During the evaluation of PENRO & other NGO’s with the concern of environment last May 25, 2018. Through the leadership of chairman Quijano and support of barangay residents, out of 65 barangay in the City of Cauayan, Barangay Villa Concepcion was chosen to compete in the provincial-wide search for eco-waste friendly barangay. as per city enro awarding is on august 30, 2018. hopefully out of 9 finalist barangay in the whole province we are on the top 5.


During the Mass Oath Taking Ceremony of the newly elected Barangay Officials of Barangay Villa Cconcepcion, Cauayan city, Isabela last July 29, 2018 at F.L. Coliseum, Cauayan City, Isabela.


Photo taken during the Monthly Ycap of Barangay Officials and all barangay employees with NGO’s in the barangay for the month of June 2018. Barangay officials massively support the program R.A. 9003 so called Ecological Solid Waste Management.


Barangay Villa Concepcion (vilcon team) joined the BROD Challenge Competition of City DRRM last July 23, 2018, sadly we got the 6th place. Hopefully next year masungkit natin ang top 1, para makilaban sa grand finals at makuha ang mag prizes na siguradong pakikinabangan ng buong barangay.

Disaster Preparedness Assessment

Last July 24, 2018 during the Disaster Preparedness Assessment of CDRRMO every barangay in the City of Cauayan. Isinagawa ng city drrmo ang assesment na ito upang i-ready ang barangay sa mga kalamidad na dumarating.



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